Monday, May 12, 2008

5 x 7 Arthouse 2008

Every year artists are invited to donate works for an 'art splurge' to benefit Arthouse at the Jones Center in Austin. All works are a 5" x 7" format and the works are displayed and sold anonymously (they're signed on the back, but buyers don't know what artist did what) and sold for $100 each. This is my fourth year participating in the 5x7 show, and the first year my work deals with embroidery. I'll post a picture of the work toward the close of the exhibit.

This is my card from last year's show, based on the Girl With Japanese Clouds embroidery. If you'll be attending the benefit this weekend I'll give you a hint which card is mine: metal and rope.

There are numerous group exhibitions with my work coming up, so keep your eye on the exhibitions page.