Friday, May 22, 2009

Kate Bingaman Burt

Kate Bingaman Burt, who is famous for her beautifully obsessive hand-drawn script (she lettered the Handmade Nation book) and meticulously hand-drawn recreations of her store receipts and bank statements, has created some wonderful embroidered dresses, that document her outstanding debt and purchases she's made. Kate will be part of a small show of contemporary embroidery that I'm curating for the fall called "Over and Under" and these dresses will be on display. More info on this show coming.

This work also reminds me of the embroidered works and dresses by New Yorker columnist and illustrator Maira Kalman. Kalman also authored the gloriously poignant and personal memoir The Principles of Uncertainty, which includes several photos of her embroidery and stories about the work's meaning to her.

Obsessive Consumption - Kate Bingaman Burt