Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indie Craft - Jo Waterhouse

US cover version with Blue Dolly

Indie Craft, a new book surveying the wave of contemporary crafting, DIY-inspired fine art and illustration has just come available. Jo Waterhouse interviewed me for the book, and the foreword is by Faythe Levine. From the publisher's website:

This book showcases the new wave of cool crafting – quirky, cutting-edge, craft-based artwork, often called Indie Craft or D.I.Y. craft. Indie craft is ‘not your grandma’s craft’. While the methods and disciplines are the same – such as embroidery, crochet, knitting, cross-stitch, tapestry, needle felt and plush toy making – the finished results are very different. Indie craft is contemporary, sometimes controversial, sometimes kitsch, ironic or humorous, often blurring the lines between art and craft.

UK cover version with work by Marloes Duyker

There are two versions of the cover: the US release features my embroidered portrait of Dolly Parton and the UK release features work by Marloes Duyker.