Saturday, November 27, 2010

Woven Trash Cans, Nashville TN

I was excited to see these cans elaborately woven with wire during a recent trip to Nashville (found along 12th Ave South). If anyone has information about who did these (and by the weathering, it appears they were done some time ago), please let me know!

ETA: Embroidery friend Lauren (aka giddy99) contacted me today with a link to Mary Lucking's website. This was a community project that she led in 1999 called "Can Do":

As part of Nashville, Tennessee's 12South streetscape redevelopment project in Spring 1999, youth and seniors at Sevier Park Community Center created colorful patterns for four new litter receptacles. Based on African and Native American beading and weaving designs, the patterns are created by weaving colored telephone wire into the perforated metal surfaces of the new red trash cans that were ordered to be installed in the Phase I area (the blocks closest to Sevier Park) of 12South project. The patterns on the cans highlight the interaction between rules and free-form creativity in art. Each pattern has a set of rules, within which the weavers will be encouraged to follow their own visions of color, pattern, and texture.

(Thanks, Lauren!)