Friday, April 25, 2008

Annie Aube

Annie Aube is an artist based in Alaska who first contacted me several years ago with her work. I checked out her site again recently and her portfolio has grown. The work is extremely primitive and deals with violence in mythyology and religion. From her site:

(My embroidery is based) on the role of Mythology and Folklore. I was inspired by my interest in religion and how it materially manifests itself in culture. The reason that I chose embroidery as the vehicle for this theme is because embroidery has historically been a way of controlling women. I also like the idea of Embroidery which is anti-pretty because embroidery has been associated with images of pretty flowers for so long. I like the irony of Embroidery which is gruesome. This is one of the major reasons why I have chosen to embroidery (sic) as a medium, and chosen the scenes I have. Most of the stories which I have chosen to embroider are obscure; I have for the most part stayed away from well known folktales.