Saturday, December 13, 2008

Veronica Fuentes

Last night we held the first-ever 'yoga-broidery' class at Om Yoga in Manhattan with Cyndi Lee. Cyndi attended one of my embroidery works shops in New York at Make a few years back, and had suggested doing a combo embroidery/yoga workshop at the time. I liked the unusual idea- we both felt each practice has such meditative aspects, and we have our own, unique ways of teaching these very traditional disciplines, that it would be interesting to teach them together.

Everyone in the class said they had little-to-no embroidery experience, but one young woman quietly admitted that she did "some embroidery". After we did yoga, embroidered, and did some more yoga, and everyone had said good-bye, this young woman came back and timidly gave me her card. I went to her site today, and was very surprised to see what "some embroidery" she's been doing. I love Veronica's delicate stitches, and especially enjoy her surreal, imaginary plants sprouting animals and body parts. Lovely. Thanks for giving me your card, Veronica.