Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whip Up: Man-broidery

I wrote a brief article for Whip Up about men working in embroidery. Hardly an exhaustive representation of dudes who do the stitching around the house, it's just a little post I wrote that starts like this:

Man-broidery. Boy-broidery. Guy-stitching. Bro-broidery. Whatever you call it, guys are (and always have been) doing it. You know, embroidering! Wielding the needle! Marking the muslin! Poking the pillowcase! Splitting the stitch! Which is fantastically awesome. I say: there needs to be more men embroidering. And it seems that there are.
Read the rest of my wee article on Whip Up:
Man-broidery by Jenny Hart

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