Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Open Source Embroidery Show at MOCFA

html patchwork of 216 patches, each stitched with their RGB color code by numerous collaborators

Curator Ele Carpenter's Open Source Embroidery exhibit is currently on display at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco. It closes soon (I'm so behind in my blogging!), and this is a show not to miss. I really, really regret that I missed it while I was in San Francisco for my book tour.

Open Source Embroidery

October 2, 2009—January 24, 2010

Artists: Access Space, Suzanne Brook Martin, Ele Carpenter, Iain Clark, Eclectic Tech Carnival, Emma Ferguson, Flare Productions, Paul Grimmer, Richard Hamilton, Suzanne Hardy, HUMlab Workers, James Hutchinson, Charlene Lam, Kristina Lindström & Åsa Stahl, Sampler Collective, Sophie McDonald & Davide Della Casa, Travis J. Meinolf, Kate Pemberton, Trevor Pitt, Michele Pred, Clare Ruddock, Hamilton, Southern & St Amand, Becky Stern, Haishu Zhang.

From the MOCFA website:

The Open Source Embroidery exhibition presents artworks that use embroidery, thread, and code as a tool for participatory production and distribution.

Open Source Embroidery includes workshops and exhibitions that investigate how the open source software development model has been incorporated into the language of cultural participation. This major exhibition brings together individual and collectively made artworks by artists, makers, computer programmers and html users that explore the relationship between craft and code through social and digital networks. The works experiment with interdisciplinary approaches to modifying patterns, the DIY culture of hacking and sampling in sound, GPS and mobile technologies.

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