Friday, May 14, 2010

Orly Cogan in Chicago and LA

Size Matters, Orly Cogan

Tonight is the opening of Orly Cogan's solo show entitled "Child's Play" at Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago. When I've had the opportunity to see Orly's work in person, I'm always struck by how large they are. I wish I could go! From the press release:

Inherent to her own personality, these works play with the artist's attraction to the spaces between dichotomies. She explores the extremes of soft and tough, dirty and clean, fantasy and reality, especially as they relate to gender. Her work delves deep into the feminine ideal and mixes subversion with flirtation, humor with power and intimacy with frivolity. The characters in her work are present in the way a child perceives the world: wholehearted, engaged, uninhibited, and reliant on the senses.

Child's Play - Solo show by Orly Cogan
@ Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL
May 14th - July 2nd 2010'
opening reception: Friday May 14th 5:30 - 8pm

and, Orly has another ongoing show currently hanging:

Love Street - Solo show by Orly Cogan
@ Charlie James Gallery Los Angeles, CA
April 24th - June 19th 2010