Friday, May 7, 2010

Replanting the Garden curated by Richard Saja - Group Show

Tonight is the opening for Richard Saja's invitational group show called "Replanting the Garden", works based on Hieronymous Bosch's famous painting (I uh, though we could reference any of Bosch's work, so, er...oops). I have will have two pieces in the show, that you can see here. From the Big Car website (dig all those links, man!):

Replanting the Garden Group Show - @ Big Car Gallery in Indianapolis

May 7, 6-11 p.m. as part of IDADA's First Friday Gallery Tour.

Although painted over 500 years ago, Hieronymus Bosch's triptych THE GARDEN of EARTHLY DELIGHTS has lost none of its allure, beauty or ambiguity. Theories attempting to illuminate its hermetic iconography abound yet noone seems to have been able to definitively pin down what exactly the artist is attempting to do in the painting or why. Is it a visual representation of the alchemical process? a cautionary depiction of the dangers of the flesh or just the opposite: a voyeuristic revel extolling the pleasures (and consequent dangers) of free love? Regardless of original intention, the painting functions as a mirror of the viewer: we take away from it what we wish to see and it becomes many things to many people.

With this in mind, REPLANTING the GARDEN brings together the works of over 40 artists and craftsmen from all over the country who were simply given the directive to create a piece in direct response to Bosch's greatest work. The show is curated by New York-based artist Richard Saja.

Also Friday night musical performances by winners and others from the recent Thrift Store Music competition including Tonos Triad, Sonic Assault Duo and more. And a new electronic set from Marck Ferrari.

Artists include:
Richard Saja - click
Emily Thompson - click
Elizabeth Corkery - click
Guy Davis - click
Aaron Nicholson - click
Marina Borker - click
Jeff Grant - click
Larrybob Phillips
Joel Blazer - click
Robin Vanvalkenburgh - click
Mark Meadows - click
Steven Levan
Inbred Hybrid Collective - click
Amanda Cartagena
SCUBA -- click
Mab Graves - click
Jenny Hart - click
Martin Bland - click
Michael Aaron McAllister - click
Diane Field
Bascom Hougue - click
Penny Nickels - click
Johnny Murder - click
Stacey Holloway - click
Albo Jeavons - click
Ryan Wilson Kelly - click
Britt Browne - click
Brooke and Justin Rothshank - click